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Welcome to Restoration

Restoration Skincare offers organic beauty products. Our Pure African Shea Butter and  African Black Soap are becoming well-known as effective, multi-purpose skin care treatments.

I'm Lynn, the owner of Restoration Skincare. My company started because I was looking for a natural remedy for my youngest son's eczema.  After visiting a dermatologist, and trying several different products,  I found Shea Butter. Within days it began to clear his skin and his itching stopped. I gave samples to our friends and family and they found Shea Butter treated a variety of other skin conditions including  dermatitis, minor burns, rashes and skin blemishes. As a facial treatment it improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  My oldest son suffers from acne so I imported African Black Soap. This product has cleared his complexion up better than any prescription or off-the-shelf product we have tried.

The total satisfaction of my customers is our only goal. If you try our products, please contact me and let me  know how they work for you.


is a soothing, protective moisturizer that is loaded with nutrients.  Vitamins A, B, C, E, Essential Fatty Acids, Calcium, Protein, and active therapeutics  all occur naturally in pure, unprocessed Shea Butter. 

Together, these nutrients become a very effective treatment for skin conditions such as extreme dryness, eczema, dermatitis, stretch marks, scars, minor scrapes & burns. Shea Butter restores the skin's natural elasticity by stimulating cell regeneration & capillary circulation. These properties promote healing of small wounds and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Learn More

$ 10.50    4 oz.

Supports Fair Trade


The women who gather Shea Nuts
and who are ultimately responsible
for handcrafting and sharing this
 indigenous resource with the rest
of the world receive only a tiny
of the final price.

It is estimated to take 20

to 30 hours of labor to produce
one kilogram
of handcrafted
Shea Butter.

 We purchase our Shea Butter
 only from
African wholesalers
committed to

Fair Trade policies.

Purchasing products that
Fair Trade benefits economically
disadvantaged families and
villages by offering steady wages,
safe working conditions,
health care, education
and other benefits.
ommunities in the
developing world need
 the support of consumers
and suppliers in order
to raise their standard
of living.

Restoration Skincare
supports these
initiatives in Africa
and around the world.


is fortified with rich ingredients that will leave your skin soft and smooth. "Ose Dudu" is excellent for clearing up acne blemishes & restoring your skin's natural PH balance.

Instead of  more lather, bubbles or perfumes, "Ose Dudu" African Black Soap offers the skin natural cleansing and
from 100% pure shea butter, virgin palm kernel oil & plaintain leaves rich in vitamins A&E    Learn More

$ 11.50   4 oz.

Why Organic Skin Care Products?

Consumers' concerns about the environment and an increase in allergies and skin sensitivity have led a growing trend toward organic skin care products. Restoration Skincare sells only 100% natural products, imported from Africa, with no dyes or preservatives added. Many skin care products found in salons, health food and drug stores are not 100% percent natural. These "Natural" skin care treatments contain only a single-digit percentage of the organic ingredients listed on their label.  Worse still, some of these products contain harmful ingredients.
To learn more, please read: "The Ugly Side of Cosmetics".